Our leadership team has a broad range of experience in different types of property assets and are focused on the North East of England and Yorkshire.

Working with us you will be guaranteed a professional, Director led contact from a very early stage. As a privately owned and funded business we pride ourselves on a swift decision-making process and an equally swift execution of property investments.

Established and growth businesses

We have a great track record on being a true property partner to fast growing businesses. Our Chairman has been involved in some of the most prominent developments in the region, providing factory and office space for hundreds of businesses in places like the Team Valley, Newburn, and the Tyne Tunnel trading estate.

Here are some examples where we have assisted businesses in recent years:

  • Relocating businesses into larger premises as they grow.
  • Acquiring property from businesses via Sale and Leaseback to release funding for business growth.
  • Allowing businesses to expand into adjacent or larger properties.
  • Investing in our properties to support occupier plans.

Restructuring, reorganisation and business turnaround

Prior to joining Durham Group, our Chief Executive has 15 years’ experience in Corporate Restructuring working with a wide variety of businesses on their restructuring.

Accordingly, we regularly work alongside Companies undergoing reorganisation as well as restructuring advisors and insolvency practitioners, providing investment into Land and Buildings (as well as the business if required) to facilitate a turnaround of the business. Here are some examples where we believe we could add a lot of value:

  • A business in decline or downsizing who would like to release funds from a freehold commercial property
  • Acquirers looking to purchase a business but not wanting to invest in commercial property and therefore seeking a property partner for a sale and leaseback on the commercial premises
  • Restructuring advisors and Insolvency Practitioners seeking a sale of or investment into Commercial property.

We welcome contact from Property owners, agents and advisors and will treat all contacts in the strictest of confidence.

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